10 May. 2024

Start-up package are now available

Startup Package – Limited to startups and medical venture companies.

Medtec Japan offers a special exhibition plan exclusively for medical Start-up companies and organizations as part of its support for start-ups in the medical device industry.
Please take this opportunity to consider exhibiting at Medtec Japan.

■Application requirements (subject to review)

1. Established within 5 years (copy of registration required)
2. Related products, services, etc. for medical and healthcare equipment
3. Companies other than those that have exhibited independently in the past are not eligible

■Booth image

■Booth size 3m x 3mm = 9sqm per booth

1. Punch carpet (gray) 9sqm
2. System panel 1 set
3. Parapet 1 set
4. Company name board (booth number, company name)
5. Fluorescent light 40W
6. Electricity outlet 100V
7. Electricity primary trunk line installation fee 1kw
8. Electricity usage fee 1kw
9. Cleaning of booth
10. Pipe chair (L-5) 1 chair
11. Reception counter 1 unit
12. Trash can (L-20) 1 pc


*Registration of co-exhibitors is not permitted.
*Booth locations will be selected by the secretariat.
*Booth locations will be determined at least two months prior to the exhibition.

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