Option Ads

Official Guidebook

Advertisements will be placed in the official guidebook distributed during the exhibition.

  • 350,000Yen / 1/3 page
  • 600,000Yen / Half page
  • 1,000,000Yen / One full page

Exhibitor Presentations

You will be invited to speak at a free Attendance seminar for visitors held at the forum venue. Audience information will be provided and time slots will be listed on the official Medtec Japan website, in our e-mail newsletter, and in the Official Guide distributed during the exhibition.

  • 250,000Yen / 30min
  • 400,000Yen / 60min
  • 700,000Yen / 120min

Forum venue

Your company logo will be placed on one spot of both front screens of the forum venue.



  • 150,000Yen / 1 Spot

Floor Map

Entrance and exit of each hall
One spot of both sides of the Floor map



  • 200,000Yen / 1 Spot
  • 300,000Yen / 2 Spots

Floor Sticker

Installed at the first main aisle of each hall entrance/exit



  • 150,000Yen / 1 Sheet
  • 250,000Yen / 2 Sheets
  • 400,000Yen / 3 Sheets
  • 500,000Yen / 4 Sheets

Entrance Signboard

Placed entrance/exit of each hall



  • 150,000Yen / 2 stands
  • 250,000Yen / 4 stands
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