Medtec Innovation Award 2024

  • Medtec Grand Prize.


  • Award of excellence

    Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.

  • Best Expectations Award

    Japan Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd.

  • Best Expectations Award


  • Prize awarded for a person's effort


  • This is the first double award since the Medtec Innovation Awards began.

About the Medtec Innovation Awards


The government considers it important to develop Japan's manufacturing technology into the medical device field, and is working especially to enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to identify issues in the medical field and develop technologies and products that will solve them.
The medical device manufacturing market is one of the industries that will continue to develop in the future due to the aging of the population and other factors, as well as the growing expectations for new entrants from small and medium-sized companies with such technological capabilities and from other industries. We invite companies that are considering entering the medical device industry as a new business field to exhibit and visit Medtec Japan, and we will also establish the Medtec Innovation Award to promote the medical device industry.

Eligible Products

Various finished parts/sensors/robotic technology/testing equipment/packaging materials/sterile garments/masks, etc./medical devices for procedures (injection devices, tubes and catheters, disposable products, surgical and orthopedic surgical materials)/surgical devices (orthopedic surgical instruments, cutting/cutting instruments, tweezers and forceps)/biofunctional assistance/surrogate devices (artificial joints, artificial respirators, artificial heart-lung machines, artificial kidney machines, anesthesia) Assistive and substitution devices (artificial joints, ventilators, artificial heart-lung machines, artificial kidney machines, anesthesia machines), biofunctional testing and measurement devices (electrocardiographs, electroencephalographs, blood pressure monitors, topography, endoscopes), hygiene materials and supplies (medical absorbent cotton, gauze, sterile clothing, supplies), hardware, software, wearables, AI and Deep Learning etc..

※Unapproved medical devices cannot be submitted.


Head of the Judging Committee Yoshiyuki Taenaka

Committee of Japan's Technology for Life Chairman

Head of the Judging Committee Hiroshi Iseki

Social Medical Corporation Shijinkai Nursing care facility for the elderly

Vice-Chairman of the Judging Committee Christopher Eve

Informa Markets Japan Co.,Ltd. CEO

Committee member Akira Kuba

The Japan Federation of Medical Devices Associations Executive Director

Committee member Tomiko Tawaraki

Japan Association for the Advancement of Medical Equipment

Committee member Kazuo Tanishita

Commons for Medical Manufacturing Technology Japan Chairman of board of director

Committee member Eizuko Kobayashi

Graduate School, The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering Professor

Committee member Asako Matsumoto

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Commerce and Service Group Medical and Welfare Equipment Industry Office Deputy Director

Committee member Shou Okiyama

Cardio Intelligence Inc. CEO

※List of Previous Grand Prize Awardees (in no particular order) (Titles not included)

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