15 Dec. 2023

The 12th Medtec Innovation Awards 2024 (JAPANESE ONLY)

Promoting your company’s technology and products to the medical device industry

The awards will be given to a wide range of products and technologies, not only in medical devices but also in health-related fields, as well as in material components, manufacturing technologies, and other noteworthy products and technologies. We look forward to receiving applications for products and technologies that convey the message that the medical device field is full of opportunities and appeal!

What are the advantages of applying for the Medtec Innovation Awards?

1. Nominated companies will be introduced in a press release and newsletter distributed by the organizer, and will be publicized by a large number of media both before and after the exhibition.

2.Companies that pass the first round of judging will be invited to present their products at the final judging to be held during the exhibition. At the final judging, you will be able to hear the opinions of experts in the medical device industry on your products and technologies, which will be utilized for future development. 

3. A “Nominee Company PR Booth” will be specially set up at the Medtec Japan 2024 venue.
On the day of the final judging, media and industry professionals will attend the award ceremony, allowing you to promote your products and technologies not only before the event but also after it.

4. Nominated companies (exhibitors only) will be able to create a panel exclusively for the award winners and place it in their booths from the day of the awards ceremony. On the second day of the exhibition, the day after the awards ceremony, exhibitors will be able to display the award-winning exhibitor’s exclusive panel with the name of the award winner on it at their booth.

5. The Grand Prize winner will receive a trophy and the nominees will receive certificates.

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Primary deadline: March 31, 2024

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